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Thank you for your interest:

I have loved my work but am now retiring

This website remains as my proud historic portfolio


I am a people person.

My skill as an interior designer is to understand intuitively what makes you comfortable in your home or place of business.

I bring 28 years of experience in interiors; coupled with a varied background from engineering

to design via administration.

These problem-solving abilities lead me to think outside the box and come up with solutions

that are both practical and achievable.


I have been helping people in their homes since 1994, with single rooms and whole-house projects. During that time I have also designed shops, hotels, offices and restaurants.

My company was established

pre-internet, when an interior designer was called upon to source and supply.

Now search engines do that for us, so my focus has shifted to space planning and the psychology of creating a home and sanctuary.


I am a sponge.

I attend our first meeting equipped only with notebook, camera and tape measure. Through our conversation I absorb your taste and your requirements. My solutions are based on that, and I give back what you have given me - 

your taste and aspirations.

My creative skills go further than interior design; incorporating intuition, empathy and problem-solving, hence I have chosen the title – House Whisperer.

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