but we can direct the sails


Navigating a sea change

Change is good, and can be exciting as well as challenging at any time in our lives. Reaching a new chapter, as we all do from time to time, can be a result of planned or unexpected changes such as:

  • Relocating with a new job

  • Coming to terms with a newly-emptied nest

  • Bereavement or Divorce

  • Down-sizing later in life


I can offer my creative skills, intuition and experience to achieve functional solutions through listening and problem-solving.

You may know someone who is going through the process of downsizing from their beloved family home into a more manageable place, and is tackling the difficult balance of sifting and prioritising precious possessions according to practicality and space.

When life effects big changes, it’s hard to step outside your comfort zone, and it’s good to have an objective companion to help you through that change.


Let me be your co-pilot and we can navigate the changing weather together…


House Whispering in N19

From the moment I met Deborah, I knew she was not your common or garden interior designer. By asking me questions about how I lived and by skilfully identifying the objects in my tired, neglected flat which were meaningful to me, she crafted a plan and held my hand along the journey of a difficult refurb. From troublesome neighbours to budgetary constraints, she whispered me a brand new luxury pad which is a truly beautiful space and now my sanctuary. She has turned my life around.  Little by little, whisper by whisper, I got the home I so needed. And her skill is such, I never felt anything was being imposed on me. In fact, I think, as she held my hand she gave me confidence to make bold choices and satisfying decisions.

All in all, I couldn’t recommend her highly enough. 

House Whispering begins in Hackney

House Whispering began with a call from a retired school teacher, living  in a small, sadly neglected  flat.

He loved the position and size of his flat, and he treasured his collection of books, but he was struggling with storage and wondered how he could cope with improving the flat and getting things organised. Added to that there had been a leak in the roof, and his ceiling was badly damaged.

Because of the narrow front door and hallway, it had not been possible to get any comfortable furniture into the flat, and now that he was getting older, he found it much harder to sit on a blanket-covered block of foam or a garden chair. His fireplace, once an open chimney, had been sealed off unsympathetically with an ill-fitting white board, which dominated the room.


It was getting him down and he reached out for help from Deborah. 

The concept of House Whispering as a bespoke life-changing process started here...